Savior Sound Recording Studio is located in central Arlington, Texas in the basement of owner/ operator/ engineer Steven Gauthier's home. Even though it is located in his home, it is far beyond a "Home Studio"!


Control Room - Nearly 200 square feet with room for clients to move around, get comfortable and be relaxed during the mixing and mastering process. Walls and ceiling are acoustically treated with Auralex T'Fusors and Studiofoam for accurate mixes that translate well.


Tracking Room - Nearly 300 square feet allows entire band setups (drums, guitar and bass amps, etc.) with room to spare. Walls and ceiling are also treated with absorption and diffusion to tame room nodes and eliminate standing waves.


Isolation/Vocal Booth - Almost 100 square feet in size with a view into both the control room and tracking room - perfect for live and scratch track recording because it allows musicians to have visual contact while still providing audio isolation of their instruments and vocals.


Please don't attempt to record your project in a less-than-ideal acoustical and spiritual environment and expect glorious results. Come see and hear what you've been missing - you won't be sorry.