Services & Rates

We are a full service recording studio that can record, mix and master your band's entire album or one song demo. Vocalists can sing along with performance tracks (karaoke style).

We can record your radio spot, podcast intro, web site info… edit your Pastor’s sermons and upload to your church's web site… record a prayer CD with you praying for your child(ren)/grandchild(ren) over instrumental background music… mix and master your songs already recorded by yourself or someone else… transfer your recordings from cassette tape to CD and/or MP3 files… extract audio off of DAT tapes to edit or burn to CD… 

Savior Sound also provides mobile recording services. If you would like to record a live song or album, let us come out to the event and capture the performance - including the audience. We can then take that recording into the studio to correct any mistakes, edit, record overdubs, apply pitch correction, and other 64 bit studio quality plug-in effects.

Steven is also experienced in live sound, temporary and permanent installation of sound systems in church's and other venues. He can meet with you for a consultation and make recommendations for what equipment will be needed to complete your sound system and even do the installation. An acoustical room analysis can be done and acoustic treatments installed based on the results. He can also troubleshoot and address problems with existing systems - feedback, humming, low volume, poor sound quality, bad monitor mixes, bad sounding recordings, etc. He can even train your sound man/woman to operate your new or existing gear.

He’s built other commercial recording studios - Nomad Recording in Carrollton, TX - as well as a few of his own (three total). He can survey your space, make recommendations and help with the construction of your own recording room(s).

Rates average $45 per hour.

Contact Steve to discuss your specific project. e-mail

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